About Me

Alastair is a software developer who has worked on a wide range of platforms, including embedded systems, mainframes and all of the modern desktop operating systems. He spent quite some time as an indie Mac developer, running the utility company Coriolis Systems, before a stint at World Programming Limited working on a cross-platform compiler for a statistics language. He currently works for Apple as a Swift Language Runtime Engineer, with responsibility for the Swift and Objective-C language runtimes.

In his spare time, he likes computer games, films and reading books; most of the latter are science-fiction, though he does enjoy other genres — it's just that sci-fi is his favourite and there's so much of it that there's barely time to read anything else.

He's also not entirely hopeless at art, and has been pondering trying to do some 3D rendering as a hobby (Alastair rendered and drew all of the artwork for Coriolis Systems' products, so he does know his way around both 3D software and 2D drawing tools).

Alastair has two young children, Penny and Greg, who sometimes live with him and sometimes with their mother.